Abbi Glines

NanLover Tee

Abbi Glines

On March 30, 2014, Natasha Tomic of Natasha is a Book Junkie fame, posted the following on Facebook:

The caption reads:

"So, at the last signing that Abbi attended I wore this button and got quite a few people doing a double take and asking me, "Really?" Yes, really. I think Nan can be redeemed. She is not evil, she is the product of bad parenting, but I think there is a heart underneath all that malice. I'm hoping that I might have brainwashed Abbi with my "button strategy", although she kept shaking her head at me and saying I was ruining her hashtag. #Whatever #NanLover #IWillWearYouDownAbbiGlines"

Natasha's "button strategy" did work and Nan is getting her story in Up In Flames on June 14, 2016. In tribute to the beginning of Natasha's #NanLover campaign, we've designed this shirt for all you NanLovers out there.